Agency Membership

If you are serious about heightening your expertise and your agency’s reputation in the field of commercial collections, or if you want to build awareness for your organization among the commercial collector community, the time to join IACC is now.

If any part of your national or global business includes the collection of commercial debts, IACC is your association.

Agency Member Application

Please note you will need to have the following documents ready for upload when you complete your application.

  • Work History for all key employees for the last 8 years
  • A list of all owners, partners, and majority stockholders
  • A copy of your license if required in your area
  • Bank Information Form showing two separate accounts (international applicants must provide a statement that they are not using client funds for operational expenses)
  • A copy of your bond totaling at least $50,000 (international members are exempt from this requirement)
  • At least six references for whom you have handled commercial collections business in the past year
Member benefits include:
  • Meetings & Educational Programs:  Forward-thinking educational opportunities on the latest trends and challenges are presented at IACC’s Annual Convention and online events.  For more information, please visit our Events page.
  • Google Community: Collaborative idea exchanges via IACC’s members-only resource empowering members with answers to their questions and helpful resources from other members.
  • IACC/CLLA Agency Certification Program: Becoming an IACC/CLLA Certified Commercial Collection Agency demonstrates that an agency meets or exceeds the program’s high standards for business operations and professionalism.
  • IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program:  Commercial Collectors who achieve IACC certification have completed study on a host of topics essential for success in the commercial collection industry and passed an exam that demonstrates mastery. Commercial collection agencies across the country use the IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program as an affordable training and motivation tool for both new and experienced collectors. Having a certified staff increases agency productivity while also providing an effective marketing edge, since clients and potential clients recognize certification as confirmation of both expertise and trustworthiness.
  • Affinity Program:  Through IACC’s Affinity Program, members gain access to essential products and services which support their business operations at discounts reserved for IACC members only.  IACC’s commitment to growing its Affinity Program means more opportunities to save and to benefit from special services.
  • Emerging Leaders Program:  IACC’s educational and professional development program is designed for promising future leaders in the commercial collection industry – whether they are young professionals or more experienced individuals who are new to the industry.  Through education and networking, we are preparing members for leadership roles in their companies – YOUR business!
  • Forwarding Network:  Need to forward an account to an agency or attorney who shares your dedication to excellent services?  IACC’s membership directory provides the peace-of-mind you need.  All IACC members are committed to the triadic system (Agency-Attorney-Law List) within the association, as there is a mutually beneficial relationship between each of the membership categories.
  • Prestige Within Our Industry:  Through a heightened public relations presence in industry publications, IACC is garnering positive publicity for the association and those who are connected with it through membership.
  • Legislative Leadership:  By keeping members informed of proposed state and national legislation concerning credit and collections, IACC membership allows you and your clients to make your voices heard.
  • Insurance, Bonds & Licensing Services: Members can apply for statutory bonds, client contract bonds and errors and omissions insurance at competitive rates through IACC’s relationship with ACA International’s Collectors Insurance Agency (CIA).  CIA also provides a licensing service to simplify the often confusing and frustrating process of securing and renewing state licenses.
  • Scope Newsletter:  The IACC newsletter, Scope, provides members with updates on industry developments, important legislative and legal issues, and IACC events and resources.
  • IACC’s website provides members-only access to resources while also keeping members abreast of upcoming events and new services.