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Scope is a monthly newsletter published by the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. exclusively for members.

IACC members are encouraged to contribute to Scope. If you would like to submit an industry related article or a news release about yourself or your company, please send submissions to IACC.

Press Releases

Press releases provide up-to-date information on IACC programs, education and member news. IACC is committed to providing easy access to information regarding its members and activities.

B2B Collections E-newsletter

B2B Collections is a monthly e-newsletter published by the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc., intended as a source of timely information targeted to the specific needs and interests of commercial creditors, commercial collectors, and those in related industries.

The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) is committed to providing members and the press with information and expertise to meet their need for accurate, reliable and timely information on commercial collection issues via press releases and access to IACC publications, and expert interviews.

IACC members are available for interviews in many areas of expertise, including:

  • Commercial collection trends
  • Assessing credit risk
  • How to select a commercial collector
  • Dealing with domestic and international receivables
  • Collection issues by market or industry
  • Call center management
  • Tools and methods that support collection
  • Client relations strategies
  • Creditor/collector success stories
  • Transitioning from retail to commercial collections

IACC also provides source articles and position statements upon request.

In addition, IACC has formed a Media Response Team, by area of expertise, to address your immediate needs for information or quotable sources. To request an interview with a member of IACC's Media Response Team, please contact Leza Raffel by e-mail or call (215) 884-6499!

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