Affinity Partners

If your company is interested in becoming an Affinity Partner, please contact IACC at (800) 859-9526 or email us at

The IACC Board and Affinity Committee continue to work diligently on providing members additional benefits to their IACC membership through the Affinity Program at no extra cost through the Affinity Program. Each of these partners offers discounts exclusive to IACC members see below for specific program details and partner contacts. If your company is interested in becoming an Affinity Partner, please contact IACC at (800) 859-9526 or email us at 

Applied Innovation Schedule of Price Discounts for IACC Members

ClientAccessWeb: ClientAccessWeb, Applied Innovations flagship software solution gives your agency the tools to control time and expenses. Streamline your business by automating workflow between your agency and your clients. Hosted in our private cloud, you can communicate with your clients via secure messaging, receive new account placements with customizable templates or bulk upload.
Provide your clients with interactive account inquiry screens and on-demand reporting tools.

Papyrus: Papyrus is a comprehensive document management system, designed to help reduce the time
spent shuffling files, printing copies, filing documents, retrieving, and delivering reports. Working in concert with Client AccessWeb, have statements delivered right to your clients’ ClientAccessWeb accounts.

PayStream: The most versatile virtual collection tool on the market, PayStream allows for PIF, SIF, partial and recurring payment plans. Agency defined business rules set the stage so our virtual collector can set up repayment arrangements at a fraction of the cost of live collectors. PayStream will walk your commercial accounts or consumers through the collection process just as your live collectors do, without compliance missteps. Designed to get the highest possible payment while reducing print, mail, and employee expenses. Collector initiated plans further reduce the cost to collect. PayStream has revolutionized the way that collection agencies are paid.

GreenLight: Step up the pace of collections with our E-Signature solution. GreenLight allows your collectors to obtain payment authorizations while a consumer is on the phone. Sent via SMS text message or email, consumers can review agreed upon repayment plans and approve instantly.

Penetration Testing:  Applied Innovation has been conducting Pen Testing services for years. In light of the new Safeguards Rule, virtually all participants in the ARM industry must conduct an annual Penetration Test along with other related cyber security requirements.   We offer both external and internal testing for agencies, law firms, debt buys/sellers and industry technology providers. 

Ask about special pricing for IACC Members!

Contact: Harry Strausser

VP of Business Development

Toll free: 800.589.5651 x1051


For the members of IACC, Bridge Capital Partners will provide payment processing services at a significantly reduced cost. Members should witness payment processing savings of anywhere between 15- 40 percent (although individual results may vary). They will provide the members with enterprise style pricing known as Interchange-Plus Pricing; therefore members pay the Interchange rates set by Visa/MasterCard and one flat markup. Since Interchange Rates are already risk adjusted – Interchange-Plus pricing removes any surcharges due to downgrades. Most agencies are currently paying an effective rate between 3.25- 4 percent for credit card processing. Bridge Capital Partners program reduces that effective rate to between 2.5- 3 percent.  Their systems are able to take payments from both types, ACH and credit/debit cards, through the same interface and a single point to login- saving time and allows for custom reporting. 

Bridge Capital Partners’ solutions are integrated with many of the debt collection software that is currently available in the market and the transition is simple, seamless and painless. The process involves analyzing a debt collection agency or debt collection law firms’ processing statements, and then highlighting the savings from introducing their program. Submitted applications have quick turnaround time, and a transition can be completed within 1 week.

For any questions regarding the service available through Bridge Capital, please contact Dan Cadesky.

At Metrodata Services, Inc., we provide you with numerous services to fit your hiring needs. We also specialize in customization of packages. With packages you’re getting the services that you need. These services impact your hiring decisions, and we don’t want to flood your reports with information that may not pertain to a hiring decision. We have the ability to set up multiple levels of packages. Fully customizable to fit your onboarding needs.

IACC Special Discount

20% off any package created, upon becoming a client of Metrodata Services.

Services Offered

  • SSN Trace
  • County Criminal Record Search
  • State Criminal Record Search
  • Federal Criminal Record Search
  • National Criminal Database & w/Alias
  • Credit Report
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional Reference Verification
  • Instant Driving Records
  • Professional Credential Verification
  • 5 Panel Drug Screen
  • 10Panel Drug Screen

For questions regarding the services available through Metrodata contact Carmelo Morreale at (716) 847-1590 or


Rethink your entire contact center and customize it to be exactly what you need. TCN elevates both agent and customer experiences through a whole suite of contact center solutions – making it easy to automate tasks, collect more and delight customers. There is no hardware to purchase, no monthly minimums and no maintenance or support fees. 

Made up of six core pieces, TCN’s Operator platform is a collection of the best contact center tools seamlessly integrated together. Operator streamlines your contact center operations so you can say goodbye to switching between platforms to accomplish key tasks. From managing your agents and leveraging data in real-time to omnichannel communication options and simplifying compliance, TCN Operator is your perfect contact center platform. 

With TCN, there is no hardware to purchase, no monthly minimums and no maintenance or support fees. Regardless of company size, TCN can scale up or down to meet your unique needs at any time. Because we are cloud-based, TCN’s site setups are a breeze.

For more information, head over to

United Field Chase is a national field services provider, assisting businesses to make informed decisions.

The Good Stuff (in a Nutshell)

  • United field inspectors can capture photographs, investigative results, facilitate communication and more! – All field inspectors sign an appearance agreement ensuring professional representation of your company.
  • All inspectors are vetted through our on-boarding process which includes: background checks, clean driving records, current insurance, and more!
  • Nationwide coverage… we go where “the other guys” won’t!
  • Experienced in inspecting for financial institutions and collections, auto loan industry, underwriting departments, compliance services, and more.
  • Field inspectors go through our extensive training program before being scheduled to work in the field.
  • How’s our turnaround time? Super-fast!
  • Quality assurance check performed on every inspection, whether it be in the field or at our corporate office!
  • We utilize the services of Armor to secure your confidential information that is used in our proprietary software. 

Contact Carmen MacGregor at  for more information.

Risk Management Services through Collector’s Insurance Agency, a Subsidiary of ACA International.

Collector’s Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of ACA International, is nationally licensed with tenured insurance, surety and licensing professionals that specialize in the complex needs unique to the collection industry. This expertise, combined with the dedication of our world-class partners, enables us to provide exceptional service to every valued member.

Services available include:

  • Commercial Insurance
    • o Errors & Omissions
    • o Commercial Crime
    • o Business Owners’ Policy
    • o Workers Compensation
    • o Umbrella Liability
  • Bond Program
    • o Collection Agency Statutory Bonds
    • o Client Contract Bonds
    • o Blanket Client Bonds
  • Licensing Services
    • o Qualifications, initial licensing, amendments, and withdrawals
    • o License renewals, annual reports, and maintenance
    • o In-state managers and registered agent services

For more information contact Kristina Warmka at and 952-259-4225 or at