Associate Membership

If you are serious about heightening your expertise and your agency’s reputation in the field of commercial collections, or if you want to build awareness for your organization among the commercial collector community, the time to join IACC is now.

Commercial collection attorneys have a wealth of networking and educational opportunities to gain by joining IACC as an Associate Member.

Associate Member Application
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Associate member benefits include:

  • Forwarding Network: Since IACC members are found in nearly every state and many countries, you always know where to turn when you need to forward an account to an agency or attorney who shares your dedication to excellent service. In addition, members of IACC are committed to the triadic system (Agency-Attorney-Law List) within the association as there is a mutually beneficial relationship between each of the membership categories. With a triadic structure, the agencies market their services directly to the credit granting community. Since most agencies do not provide legal services, the agencies collaborate with debtors and their attorneys, creditors and with law list publishers to provide a conduit for efficient communication and performance.
  • Conferences and Educational Programs: Education is the foundation of the IACC mission. IACC’s Annual Convention and other educational offerings, such as IACC’s Mid-Year Conference and teleseminars, focus on bringing IACC members to the forefront of the industry. Presentations and discussions focus on the latest trends and greatest challenges in the commercial market.
  • Prestige Within Our Industry: Through credit industry publications, credit association events and trade show presentations, IACC publicizes that members have demonstrated tremendous industry knowledge, and a commitment to ethical practices.
  • Scope Newsletter: The IACC newsletter, Scope, provides members with updates on industry developments, important legislative and legal issues, and IACC events and resources.
  • B2B Collections E-Newsletter: The IACC e-newsletter, B2B, is a free electronic publication for commercial creditors and collectors and features informative and useful articles pertaining to credit and collections and the points where these industries intersect.
  • The IACC Website: IACC keeps members informed of the association’s events and services through the website. It also features an electronic membership directory and products for purchase.
  • IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program: The IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program can be used for training new collectors or as a review for more experienced collectors. Members with certified collectors on staff also have a distinct marketing advantage because IACC collector certification shows their clients that they have a cutting edge skill set and quality assurance.
  • Legislative Leadership: By keeping members informed of proposed state and national legislation concerning credit and collections, IACC membership allows you and your clients to make your voices heard.
  • Commercial Collectors Hotline: IACC Associate members can use the toll-free IACC hotline for immediate access to industry or association information.
  • Member Discounts: IACC offers members special prices on manuals, meetings, educational seminars, public relations materials and other valuable resources.